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Mobile Home Sells For $1.4 Million!

CCW? Can't Conceal a 1911A1? Modernize Your Style of Dress (Video)! Police Foiled By Distracting Naked Women... Will Our Criminals Miss This Trick?

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Fascinating Chart of the Fed Budget Details!

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Updating Cost of the War in Iraq! Billions and Billions and Billions...! Excellent Bipartisan Coverage of Spin. Who's Lying To You, Baby? Another Bipartisan Fact-Checking Site... Are You Spoon-Fed or Informed? Switftboat Veterans: Are They Honest? Nope! White House Refuses FOIA Request... Won't Reveal Contacts with Swiftboat! Bush Administration Announces Troop Realignments. How to Best Support Our Troops?

Ohio Legislation To Outlaw Compensators! Ohio HB485 Now Introduced! Holsters for Glock 17, 19 Recalled! Fobus GLT,2933,120638,00.html Disarray Among Gun Controllers ...Article By John R. Lott Jr.! New Poll: Police Chiefs Trust Gun Owners! Support Ownership, CCW!

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Taser On  A Grand Scale...  New Ionized Gas "Crowd Stun Weapon"! Now For Something Completely Different... Optical Illusions Web Page!

NRA Withholds Endorsement Of Bush... Bush Wants Assault Weapons Ban Renewed! DEA Agent Shoots Self In Leg! While Doing Gun Safety Lecture! Hot Dog Bullets
Woman Accidentally Swallows Ammo...Reportedly By Eating Hot Dog (with X-Ray)!  (2 Links)

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Handy Terror Level Posters... Green, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Red!

Boy is charged with felony...Caught with rubber band "gun"!

Boy is suspended from school... For threatening teacher with cookies!

Concealed Carry At The Dance...Etiquette and the Gun! Now For Something Completely Different... Messages in Folded Money!,7204,9120615^15321^^nbv^15306,00.html

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School in Holland Cancels Handgun Class... More Overreaction By School Administrators

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Gun-Toting Liberals Website. Some more balance.

Four Pages of Photos... From the 2004 Shot Show! A Free Shoot-Em-Up Game... George W. Bush Defends the White House!

Pop-Up Advertisements Drive You Nuts? Here are a few you'll like!

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Washington DC Gun Ban Upheld. Court Rules 2nd Amendment Doesn't Apply,2933,107274,00.html

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Self-Defense Illegal in Holland!

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Senior Citizen - Charged For Self-Defense! Should Have Submitted, I guess!!

"Stop The NRA" Web Site. Know Your Enemy!

"Stop The NRA" Blacklist Page...  Another of their pages...

Playing With Toy Gun.. 9-Year-Old Arrested in Lorraine OH!,1413,82~1726~1833964,00.html

Beretta Sued For Stupid Teen... Shoots Friend, Sues Gunmaker! Off-Duty Cop Litters in Elementary School... Drops, Leaves Gun In Auditorium!

Bullseye On Chest For  "Suicide By Cop": Cops Miss With 27 of 28 Rounds (1 D Hit)!,1406,KNS_347_2308875,00.html

Follow-up On Man With Bullseye: No Word Whether The Cops Got Training!

Seattle Times Covers Woman IPSC Shooter! Article About Lisa Munson's Shooting!

Video Of An Accidental Discharge...Actual Police Stop, Las Vegas!

Mainstream Media Article About Knob Creek: Machine Guns Are Good Fun! Dispatch Coverage of Open Carry Walk: The First of Many... 00.html

Problems at Briar Rabbit: Zanesville-Area Range in Dispatch

Them On The Web: Briar Rabbit Web Site

Eastern Europe Goes High Tech! High Tech Digital Clock

Do Gun Control Laws Prevent Gun Violence? New CDC Study Says NO!

Ammo and  Lead-Free Primers: Some Q&A on WinClean Ammunition Need a New Hobby? This Guy Is Building a DIY Cruise Missile!

M2 .50 Caliber Replica: Hard to Tell From the Real Thing!

DeWalt Furniture? New Breed of Power Tool!

PETA's Revenge? Cows With Guns Airline Pilots Want Faster Gun Training: Only 200 Now Trained and Authorized "Clay Kitten Shooting" Game: Online Video Action (Not PETA Approved)! Hacker Defaces Anti- Gun Website: Bogus "" Site Targeted

164 Muggings A Day in London! Ovine British Give Up Guns, Bend Over

Australian Gun Buy-Back - Australians Set Prices on Guns Australian Buy-Back Details  - Australian Government Buy-Back Page Canadian Gun Registration - 1.6 Million Long Guns Go Unregistered NAACP Lawsuit Against Gun Manufacturers Dismissed By Federal District Judge

Shawn Herman - Local Gunsmith Shawn's Tactical Specialty Web Site

Assault Weapons Ban Effects...Little Harm To Manufacturers Ohio Supreme Court Justice Impartial? Pfeifer Jokes About Carry in Open Court Bush Administration Bans Norinco...Two Year Import Ban By Executive Order on Ice WEBPAGE.htm Want To Show Off Your Gun? Clear Plastic Holster,1282,58914,00.html

Shocking New Jacket Hits The Streets Self Defense For Women

Jury Clears Gun Manufacturers (Again)
NAACP's Money Grab Fails A Small Video System For Shooters, Mounts On Your head - Hosercam!

Bush Still Does Not Want Your Vote, Keeping Low Profile on "Assault Gun" Ban Hodgdon Recalls Some LIL' GUN: Single Lot,  #103080221

Where Dictators Get Their Essentials: 
Home Despot!

Army Marksmanship Unit (AMU) Slide Show of Army Competition Shooters Assault Weapons / High Cap Mag Ban Expires in 2004 - one article Did You Vote For The Shrub? Was It On Gun Issues? Some In Military Are Carrying .45ACP Marines Are Using Custom 1911A1s!

Shooting USA & Jim Scoutten USPSA & NRA Television Rights Site With a Number of Interesting Pro-Gun Flash Animations

From The BBC Web Site... Why Britons Need More Guns

ATF makes Agreement With FDA Trade Agreement

Feds Threaten to Sue California For Misuse of Instant Check Database!,0,1961216.story?coll=bal%2Dbusiness%2Dheadlines

NAACP Sues Gun Distributors Yet Again, Looking For Free Money! Grandmaster Site: Brian Enos Grandmaster Site: Matt Burkett Grandmaster Site: Todd Jarrett Grandmaster Site: Jerry Barnhart Grandmaster Site: Max Michel Grandmaster Site: Eric Grauffel Grandmaster Site: Jethro Dionisio Where to Ask Questions and Discuss Shooting? Brian Enos' Shooting Forums The Guns of Tom Selleck/Monte Walsh: Cable Movie On TNT, Jan 17, 18, 19 NJ, "Smart Guns" & Stupid Legislators: NJ Requires All New Guns To Be "Smart"! NJ Bill: All Guns Repaired "Fingerprinted": Legislators Continue To Lead In Stupidity! UK Tightens Gun Laws (Again): Criminals Ignore Handgun Ban (Imagine That)! Site About 2004 "Assault Weapons" Sunset: A Great Place to Find Gun News Links! Printable Targets For Practice  Make Your Own! Orange County's Pink Pistols: California Pro-Gun Gays A 300-Round Uzi Magazine: Click  The Picture For Full View! National Reloading Manufacturers Assn: Good Introduction To Loading Ammunition! A Page of Full-Auto Videos! Machine Guns of All Sizes! An Interesting Long-Range Shooting Tool/Game/Demo For Rifle Shooters.  Shoot the Plates! Brady Weasels Assign Ohio D+: Read Their Press Release How Many Defensive Gun Uses In 2003?
Gun Defense Clock! The FBI Is Watching You! Be Ever Alert! Activist EIC Attempts to Counter Violence in Media Complaints Anti-Gunners Suggesting Story Lines Airport Security Run Amok!   A Personal Account America In The Post-9/11 Frenzy - A Few Technical Difficulties 10-22.mpg A .22 Caliber Gatling Gun...Fun!  Video of Firing! Navy SEALS Web Site Feature Rules For a Gunfight Mort Walker Keeps On Trucking...Animated Beetle Bailey Cartoon! The Annual Onslaught of Calendars The 2003 Hooters Calendar! This Speaks For Itself!  I Can't Explain Why It Exists Australian Shooting, Must "Do Something" (Anything will do. List of banned handguns) Michael Bellesiles Resigns from Emory! A Late Victory For Responsible Scholarship Interesting Sound File: "This is your captain speaking...",2933,66622,00.html Fox News Poll on Guns WRT the Sniper... People are getting smarter! This is a little too weird to describe... Move your cursor around the image!

Stephen Hunter's View of the Sniper From the Washington Post 

ttp://,2933,66007,00.html How Reliable is "Ballistic Fingerprinting"?
Not Very! Results Of the 2002 Steel Challenge   Leatham and Jarrett: Any Questions? Hundreds of Guns Exposed! "Exploded View" Diagrams Site "Sex and the City" Supports Gun Controllers Kim Cattrall Hosts VPC Fundraiser

Tired of the "Same Old Google"?  Try This Search Engine! Glock Perfection?  24,000 NY City Police Glocks Recalled Boise Idaho Airport Carelessness: Discharges Gun Demonstrating It Unloaded In Case You Missed It... Inventor of the Uzi Died in September

Ohio Section Championship Match Site!  Applications Available Here! Ohio Supreme Court Agrees... Will Hear Ohio CCW Case! Boston Globe Op-Ed: For Safer Streets, Give Women Guns New Pro-Gun Book of Interest. By Joyce Lee Malcolm

Interesting Article on Primers & Firing Pins

Air Marshall Shooting Qualification: Toughest Of All Law Enforcement? Fire Department Fund Raiser... Gateway (CO) Dynamite Shoot! Canadian Gun Laws and Civil War Reenactors
Why Are Canadians Playing North-and-South? A Smoking Gun Photo!,,30000-12070123,00.html

Airport Security Averts Disaster: Disarms GI Joe Of 2-Inch Rifle! CCW and Small Businesses:  In Columbus' Business First Magazine! Another Reporter Learns Guns Are Fun: One-By-One, Show People What We Do! A Semi-Auto Revolver From Italy!   Think It Will Catch On? Primer on Second Amendment: Virginia Institute on Public Policy. Another Event to Introduce Media to Guns: Mike Bane Zings Brady Campaign Good! Firearms Safety Instructors Fired: Blatant Safety Violations At Boy Scout Camp! How The Google Search Engine Works. See How the Best Search Engine Does It! How Machine Guns Work: Several Pages of a Great Instructional Site, Great Graphics. Click and hold the triggers to see action.

Introduce Anti-Gun Reporters to Shooting Article from SF California! Anti-Gun Folks Citing Texas Stats in Ohio: Texas CCW Stats Misused: Texas Shooters Respond Bill Ruger Sr. Dies  July 9. Controversial Designer and Manufacturer Web Site Listing Anti-Gun Companies!   How Many Are You Supporting?

Review of Four Shot Timers! PACT, CE, CED, RU Ready! What if Microsoft Made Guns? Windoze On Their World! Is John Browning Spinning In His Grave?  
Where the Great Man Rests Magazine Out = Unloaded Gun?  Police Trainee Learns It's Not So

Tasco (Red Dot Maker) Out Of Business: Service Information in Company Letter! How About A Little Game Of Pong? World's Smallest Web Page?

More Articles About Michael Bellesiles Book!

Pick Up Your Firearms Brass In Style! Doesn't Work On Gravel, Though! PETA Gives Money To Terrorist Organization: Could Lose Tax Exempt Status! Tasco (Scopemaker) Goes Out Of Business! News Account of Their Liquidation! "Cooper's Commentaries" Site Moves Here is the new site!

An Alternate Ending To Alice in Wonderland: Alice Doesn't Get Mad...

Take A Tour of West Coast Bullets: How Bullets Are Made! More Zero Tolerance Nonsense 4th Graders Point Fingers - Get Suspended! Article On "Gun Show Loophole" Americans for Gun Safety Lies Again!

Another Article On HCI/Brady Campaign And Their Consternation Over Ashcroft!

"Americans For Gun Safety" Backfire
On The Gun Control Advocates! California Court Rules Gun Shows Can 
Banned From Government Facilities A Glock Revolver? Stranger Things Have Happened! California Legislator Wants to Ban Even Potato Guns! Canadian Man Must Register His Guns: He Registers a Soldering Gun!

NSSF Has Been Educating The Press. Here's One Of The Published Results!

An Article From Florida on Who Obtains CCW Permits - Seems It's Just Normal Folks!

An Article By Penn Gillette On Why Women Should Be Armed! "Arm The Chicks!" (Their title, not mine!)

Do Prairie Dogs Suck? Here's a Guy Who Sucks Prairie Dogs! More Tripe From Violence Policy Center! New Book By Propagandist Josh Sugarmann. H&R Block Goaded Into Backing Out of Marketing Program With NRA. Anti-Gun Groups Claim Victory. Tanya Mataksa Debunks Harvard
Study of Kids and Guns Here's a Collection of Links to Humorous Anti-Gun Satires! Here's A Site With Much of Interest To Gun Collectors! Video Entitled "Shopping in Israel"! (BIG: 1 Meg .mpeg File!) Dell Computers Not Anti-Gun. NRA Summary of Dell/Weigand Issue

New Release of E.T. - The Extraterrestrial
Has Removed All Guns Digitally! PETA Sues New Jersey For Not Controlling Deer Population!

PETA *Really* Doesn't Like Jack Hanna!
They Even "diss" the Columbus Zoo!

PETA Tax-Exempt Status Under Attack!
For their criminal activities (theft, environmental terrorism)! Armed Females of America Babes With Attitude Girls 'n Guns NRA Women's Programs

Second Amendment Sisters Women Only

Women Against Gun Control Women With Firearms

Some Great Slow-Motion Videos
and Stop-Motion Photos of Guns in Operation! (NOTE: mpeg files are in ZIP archives) February Cooper's Commentaries. New Commentary Each Month (Still Cooper!) Interesting Pro-Gun Seattle Times Editorial!

New Edition 3.1 of "Gun Facts"
Booklet (Every Shooter Should have One!) Adobe PDF Format

IPSC Champion Rob Leatham Joins Staff of American Shooter on OLN! See his instruction here! New Series of Pro-Gun Television Ads to Begin Airing! See the ads here!
From This London Gun Crime In London Continues To Rise, Despite Gun Ban! Imagine that! Editorial By John Lott Concerning Recent School Shooting! New Anti-Gun Group Wants FTC To Shut Down Gun Ads!,2933,42654,00.html Hamilton County Judge Declares
Ohio's Concealed Carry Law 
Unconstitutional! (Don't start carrying outside Hamilton County!) Beware the New McCarthyism! You'd Better Be Buying US Flag Stamps! Are We Worthy of Gun Ownership? Are You Fit To Be Free?

USA To Unleash Ultimate Weapon
On Taliban!
Senator Schumer Wants Unfettered Government Access to All National Instant Check Firearms Records! Pro-Gun Editorial in Wall Street Journal,4057,3360043^3163,00.html  Australian School Teacher Speaks Truth, Catches Wrath of Community!  Concealed Carry Gaining Support!
Survey of 23,000 Chiefs and Sheriffs National Poll of Chiefs of Police Shows Strong Support For Concealed Carry!

Your Republican Senator Mike DeWine Claims Gun Shows Are For Terrorists!

Washington Post Article by Stephen Hunter on the Guns In Use in Afghanistan Rock Star Madonna is a Shooter!

Why Won't Michael Bellesiles Admit Errors in his Book "Arming America"? Here's an interesting Concealed Carry resource site.

Ever heard of gun designer Karl Lewis? Interesting gun collection for sale! The movie "E.T - The Extraterrestrial" : Guns removed for the new version! See the video evidence!,2933,38439,00.html

Is hunting a terrorist front? Radical  environmentalists think so! Read the FoxNews story!

HCI became the "Brady Campaign". Brady Campaign Against Box Cutters? Ever know someone so annoying that they need to be stopped short? How Do Taliban Women Meet Their Mate?

Quotes from Emerson
Commentary on Emerson
Second Amendment Foundation Comments

Some links with coverage and quotes from 
the US. vs Emerson case.

See the effects of a nuclear blast on a selected location!

World's cheapest .50BMG rifle!  Flash animation presentation featuring Osama Bin Laden and a particular kind of diplomacy...,,2-2001352224,00.html  US Air Force base in Britain has enhanced security!

White House calls for all Americans to give up all civil liberties for the good  of our Way of Life!  Here's a commercial source of full-size Osama Bin Laden targets.
An addictive  web video game called "Bin Laden Liquors", in which you "Launch a successful counter terrorism attack on Osama Bin Laen's Liquor store (secret HQ of the  Al-Qaeda). Here's the CIA Sourcebook entry for Afghanistan. Not shown are current staging points for the Army Rangers. One of many Osama Bin Laden targets
that are available on the web. Ohio Dept of Wildlife Program introducing women to outdoors sports and activities ("Becoming an Outdoors Woman"). Another link to the sponsoring organization ("Ohio Becoming an Outdoors Woman"). Includes many links for women's outdoors activities as well. Ohio Department of Natural Resources general web site (Fall colors, hunting info, etc.)
News-Telegraph Article In Dunblane, Where the UK Gun Ban Began, Gun Crime Up 40%

News-Telegraph Article

Gun Killings Double in London  Police Claim They Are "...on target..." What's All This, Then?  2001 Ohio Buckeye Championship Match,
October 7, 2001.  Article in the American Journalism Review by Michael Bane "Targeting the Media's Anti-Gun Bias" The Brady Campaign (formerly HCI) Anti-NRA animation video. The Swedish Bikini Team shot a USPSA/IPSC match in Piru, California, and here are the photos to prove it!
More photos of the Swedish Bikini Team at the Piru match!

A Site With the Document "Gun Facts", A Comprehensive Pro-Gun Resource!  Anti-gun folks are so gullible! Here's what they were fooled by (this time)!
Women and Guns Magazine Site Women & Guns Magazine USS Liberty Memorial Web Site - June 8 1967, the armed forces of the State of Israel wantonly murdered 34 US sailors and seriously injured another 171 - and never were held accountable! Read the incredible story. Nifty 3 Meg video clip of a full-auto Glock handgun! A 1.4 Meg video clip of a stage in Texas.
The neat target fixture is called a "Texas Star"
(Taped by John Nixon) Nuns With Guns! Reason Magazine Article On Cowboy Shooters The Glock kB! FAQ, V1.16 Some Glock kB! Photos Video of a .38 Super Racegun Firing

The Marksmanship Training Center Camp