K8ND CW Skimmer Resources  
Afreet Software CW Skimmer Page   PJ2T 2009 CQWW 160 CW
Intro to CW Skimmer - N4ZR (PDF) WD5EAE Software Page PJ2T CW Skimmer Actual, 2009 CQWW 160
(Block Diagram)
Skimmer One Year Later - N4ZR Dayton 2009 WD5EAE CW Skimmer Scheduler Source (CW Skimmer Recordings Below with SDR-IQ on 1000-foot EU Beverage)
Skimmer One Year Later - N4ZR NCJ Article Recording: CW Skimmer 1/24/09 0411Z  160M (11 min segment, 279 meg)
CW Skimmer CPU Usage - N4ZR (PDF) Using WinTelnetX Spot Combiner - N4ZR (PDF) Recording: CW Skimmer 1/24/09 0411Z  160M (5 min segment, 127 meg)
Setting Up CW Skimmer Recording: CW Skimmer 1/24/09 0514Z  160M (11 min segment, 279 meg)
Fresh Install CW Skimmer - W2RF ActiveX Skimmer Reverse Beacons (RBN) - DXWATCH Recording: CW Skimmer 1/24/09 0514Z  160M (5 min segment, 153 meg)
Understanding SDR - DH1TW Reverse Beacon Network (RBN) Blog Recording: CW Skimmer 1/24/09 0514Z  160M (2 min segment, 51 meg)
  Reverse Beacon CW Skimmer Aggregator Recording: CW Skimmer 1/24/09 0514Z  160M (1 min segment, 26 meg)
CW Skimmer: Installing Multiple Instances On PC RBN Telnet Link: telnet.reversbeacon.net port 7000 YouTube Demo w/Audio, 1/24/09 0514Z
Multiple Instances Win7:  EXE Dir   INI Dir    
Multiple Instances WinXP:  EXE/INI Dir AB5K Web Site PJ2T 2010 CQWW 160 CW
  AR Cluster v6 User Manual PJ2T CW Skimmer, 2010 CQWW 160 (Block Diagram)
RFSPACE SDR-IQ Homepage AR Cluster v6 Sysop Manual  
SDR-IQ Interface Specification (PDF) AR-Cluster Reflector PJ2T CW Skimmer Overview, 2010 CQWW 160 (Photo)
  AR-Cluster Server  - Setup and Configuration (Video) PJ2T CW Skimmer Receivers, 2010 CQWW 160 (Photo)
SDR-Radio: SDR-IQ USB Driver Info AR-Cluster Server Release II (Video) Skimmer Screen Capture 1/30/10   0508Z
SDR-Radio: Downloads AR-Cluster Server Release V Jan 2011 (Video)  
  AR-Cluster Server Callsign Database (Video) Skimmer Screen Capture 1/30/10   0509Z
Perseus SDR Homepage   Skimmer Screen Capture 1/31/10   0137Z
Perseus at Grove Enterprises CW Skimmertalk Reflector Archive All Three Skimmer Screen Captures (BMP images in ZIP Archive)
Perseus SDR Reflector Archive CW Skimmer Reverse Beacon Reflector  
Perseus CW Skimmer Configuration RFSPACE SDR-IQ Reflector Archive  
Perseus Tools & Hints RBN-OPS Reverse Beacon Operators Reverse Beacon Network - K8ND Skimmer Server
  DX Atlas Reflector  
Stridsberg MCA104M & MCA108M Active Multicouplers    
  ARRL CAC Report on Skimmer, January 2009 Reverse Beacon Network - W8/PJ2T Skimmer Server
DEO Receiver Guard 2000 (Dealer) Off-Site Skimmers and Contest Rules - N4ZR Reverse Beacon Network - W8WTS CW Skimmer
Photo 1         Photo 2         Photo 3 CAC Decision on Skimmers - radiosport.net reports Skimmer Reverse Beacons (RBN) - DXWATCH
RG2000 Schematic (PDF)    
DX Engineering Receiver Guard RG-5000 (Dealer) K8ND Skimmer in ARRL CW PJ2T 10-10-10 CW Skimmer Block Diagram (PDF)
DXE RG-5000 Manual (PDF) K8ND CW Skimmer
  Writelog & Skimmer  
W8WTS Comparison: DEO RG-2000M vs. DXE RG-5000 (PDF)   K8ND 171205a