K8ND CW Skimmer Resources  
Afreet Software CW Skimmer Page   PJ2T 2009 CQWW 160 CW
Intro to CW Skimmer - N4ZR (PDF) WD5EAE Software Page PJ2T CW Skimmer Actual, 2009 CQWW 160
(Block Diagram)
Skimmer One Year Later - N4ZR Dayton 2009 WD5EAE CW Skimmer Scheduler Source (CW Skimmer Recordings Below with SDR-IQ on 1000-foot EU Beverage)
Skimmer One Year Later - N4ZR NCJ Article Recording: CW Skimmer 1/24/09 0411Z  160M (11 min segment, 279 meg)
CW Skimmer CPU Usage - N4ZR (PDF) Using WinTelnetX Spot Combiner - N4ZR (PDF) Recording: CW Skimmer 1/24/09 0411Z  160M (5 min segment, 127 meg)
Setting Up CW Skimmer Recording: CW Skimmer 1/24/09 0514Z  160M (11 min segment, 279 meg)
Fresh Install CW Skimmer - W2RF ActiveX Skimmer Reverse Beacons (RBN) - DXWATCH Recording: CW Skimmer 1/24/09 0514Z  160M (5 min segment, 153 meg)
Understanding SDR - DH1TW Reverse Beacon Network (RBN) Blog Recording: CW Skimmer 1/24/09 0514Z  160M (2 min segment, 51 meg)
  Reverse Beacon CW Skimmer Aggregator Recording: CW Skimmer 1/24/09 0514Z  160M (1 min segment, 26 meg)
CW Skimmer: Installing Multiple Instances On PC RBN Telnet Link: telnet.reversbeacon.net port 7000 YouTube Demo w/Audio, 1/24/09 0514Z
Multiple Instances Win7:  EXE Dir   INI Dir    
Multiple Instances WinXP:  EXE/INI Dir AB5K Web Site PJ2T 2010 CQWW 160 CW
  AR Cluster v6 User Manual PJ2T CW Skimmer, 2010 CQWW 160 (Block Diagram)
RFSPACE SDR-IQ Homepage AR Cluster v6 Sysop Manual  
SDR-IQ Interface Specification (PDF) AR-Cluster Reflector PJ2T CW Skimmer Overview, 2010 CQWW 160 (Photo)
  AR-Cluster Server  - Setup and Configuration (Video) PJ2T CW Skimmer Receivers, 2010 CQWW 160 (Photo)
SDR-Radio: SDR-IQ USB Driver Info AR-Cluster Server Release II (Video) Skimmer Screen Capture 1/30/10   0508Z
SDR-Radio: Downloads AR-Cluster Server Release V Jan 2011 (Video)  
  AR-Cluster Server Callsign Database (Video) Skimmer Screen Capture 1/30/10   0509Z
Perseus SDR Homepage   Skimmer Screen Capture 1/31/10   0137Z
Perseus at Grove Enterprises CC-Cluster.io  
Perseus SDR Reflector Archive   All Three Skimmer Screen Captures (BMP images in ZIP Archive)
Perseus CW Skimmer Configuration CW Skimmertalk Reflector Archive  
Perseus Tools & Hints CW Skimmer Reverse Beacon Reflector  
  RFSPACE SDR-IQ Reflector Archive Reverse Beacon Network - K8ND Skimmer Server
Stridsberg MCA104M & MCA108M Active Multicouplers RBN-OPS Reverse Beacon Operators  
  DX Atlas Reflector  
DEO Receiver Guard 2000 (Dealer)   Reverse Beacon Network - W8/PJ2T Skimmer Server
Photo 1         Photo 2         Photo 3 ARRL CAC Report on Skimmer, January 2009 Reverse Beacon Network - W8WTS CW Skimmer
RG2000 Schematic (PDF) Off-Site Skimmers and Contest Rules - N4ZR Skimmer Reverse Beacons (RBN) - DXWATCH
  CAC Decision on Skimmers - radiosport.net reports  
DX Engineering Receiver Guard RG-5000 (Dealer)    
DXE RG-5000 Manual (PDF) MISCELLANEOUS SKIMMER PJ2T 10-10-10 CW Skimmer Block Diagram (PDF)
  K8ND Skimmer in ARRL CW  
W8WTS Comparison: DEO RG-2000M vs. DXE RG-5000 (PDF) K8ND CW Skimmer
  Writelog & Skimmer  
    K8ND 191210a