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    "Concord Critters" Photos - Photos of birds and other animals near my home in Concord Township, Ohio

    "Curacao Critters" Photos - Photos of birds and other animals on the island of Curacao in the Southern Caribbean

    "Curacao Cemeteries" Photos - Photos of cemeteries on the island of Curacao in the Southern Caribbean

    PJ2T 2007 CQWW 160 Meter CW Contest Trip Photos (Curacao, N.A.)

    PJ2T 2007 CQWW CW Contest Trip Photos (Curacao, N.A.)

Maass' IPSC Resources (Legacy Stuff)

Julius Foris, Jr. (1927 - 2005) Memorial to the gentleman who helped me start in USPSA/IPSC shooting competitions.
IPSC Loads Lists

Compilations of IPSC Major handloading data for .38 Super,  9x21, and .40S&W. These are reference materials in finding the perfect load for your IPSC handgun!

Last Updated 10/24/03

Stage Designs & Tools  163 copier-ready course designs with scoresheets, which you can use in putting on your local IPSC match. Also available are the tools (created by Ken Wagner,  A-28672) that I use to draft my stage designs. 

Last Updated 10/6/02


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IPSC Haiku
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IPSC Haiku Archive

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